September 15, 2023   9:30 am   Spring Lake Pavilion
Bees: Here and Now
David Arnal, Head of the SC Beekeepers Association will talk
about what makes a bee tick, the hazards and the rewards. He
is the man to ask about having a beehive!

October 20, 2023    9:30 am   Spring Lake Pavilion
Amaryllis and Other Spring Flowering Bulbs
Presented by TAG member, Jackie Emery

November 13, 2023    10:00 am Coligny Theatre    Note Date Change
Floral Arranging demonstration and Boutique, offered by Plantation Garden Club of Hilton Head. Cost is $20 per person. Tickets available at October’s meeting.

Dec 6, 2023   11:30 – 1:30      Note Date Change
Hewitt Oaks Holiday Luncheon

This is a beautiful venue in Bluffton for holiday and wedding
parties. The meal is a three course lunch and is held in a hall
wonderfully decorated for the season.

January 19, 2024   9:30 am   Spring Lake Pavilion
Pruning 101-104, 5, 6

Bob Andreucci, an arborist for Bartlett Tree Experts will talk about removing dead, diseased, or unwanted branches from trees and shrubs.  Pruning is most important for good growth, healthy plants, fruit production etc.

February 16, 2024     Field Trip   Coastal Discovery Museum
Camellia Garden Tour

Fellow gardeners prepare to be inspired from the beauty of 135 species of Camellias in a rainbow of colors ranging from the brightest reds , pinks , yellows  and snow whites.  Learn about the history , diversity and significance of camellias and how to care for them. Please register to attend at the January Meeting or by calling Karen Hardwick at 404-808-2334. We will meet inside as the tour starts with a presentation by Wendy Dickes.


March 15, 2024   9:30 am   Spring Lake Pavilion


Native Plants in the Low Country

Laura Lee Rose has been a Horticultural Agent for Clemson Extension and a President of the Southcoast Chapter of the South Carolina Native Plant Society. She will teach us more about Native Plants just in time for the native plant sale in April, which is open to the public and is widely attended.


April 19, 2024   Field Trip    Palmetto Oaks Sculpture Garden        10:30-11:30 
11 Palmetto Beach Ln,   Bluffton
Stephen Kishel, owner and artist, will walk around the sculpture garden with us. This, one acre sculpture garden and art studio, allows visitors to enjoy a low country woodland garden with mostly flat gravel walkways.

If TAG members wish to get lunch afterwards, individuals may make arrangements separately.

May 17, 2024   9:30 am   Spring Lake Pavilion   Seven  Plant Blunders of Our Coast
                                                  Officer Installation  
Lisa D Watson, a gardener and artist, has a strong interest in sustainable gardening. Seven Plant Blunders of our Coast covers a lot of different ways to be a better and more sustainable gardener.


June 7th, 2024    Social   5:00 pm   Note date change  Pot Luck Social
Dolphin Head Rec Center
TAG Members and Families invited for a potluck dinner.