GCSC Calendar of Events
2022- 2023

August 2 EPD Presidents’ Conference
August 2 ELC Presidents’ Conference
TBA Coastal  Presidents’ Conference
TBA WLC Presidents’ Conference
TBA WPDPresidents’ Conference
TBA ESD Presidents’ Conference
August 15 Deadline Fall Gardener
August 29 Finance Committee Meeting
September 1 Yearbooks Due to GCSC Pres. and DDs

Begin Sending State Award Applications

Sept 6-7 Environmental Study School, Clemson/Greenville
September 8 Board of Directors Meeting, Columbia
September 12-15 Flower Show School III, North Augusta
September 20-23 NGC Board Meeting, St. Louis
October 1 Yearbook Winners Due to GCSC Pres.
October 6 NAJCSC Meeting, Columbia
October 9-10 Environmental Study School, Mccormick
October 11 Finance Committee Meeting, Columbia
October 27-November 5 Flower Show, Charleston
November 11 Memorial Garden Veteran’s Event, Columbia
November 15 High School Essay Due to Tara Ranson
November 15 Deadline Winter Gardener
December 2 Arbor Day
December 10 All GCSC Award Applications Due
December 15 All GCSC Grant Applications Due



January 11 Finance Committee Meeting, Columbia
January 10 Dist. Youth Award Winners to Sandra Barker
January 19 Board of Directors Meeting, Columbia
February 1 President’s Reports Due

Scholarship Applications Deadline

February 15 Deadline Spring Gardener
TBA CFFA, Orlando
March 1


Juried Art Digital Entries Due to Sherri Bardsley

District Pres. Rep. Winners to GCSC President

March 2 NAJCSC Meeting, Columbia
March 2 East  Low Country District Meeting
March 5-7 SAR Convention, Roanoke, Virginia
March 9 East Piedmont District Meeting
March14 West Low Country District Meeting
March16 West Sandhills District Meeting
March 17 Coastal  District Meeting
March 21 East Sandhills District Meeting
March 23 West Piedmont District Meeting
March 25 Youth Awards Celebration, Riverbanks Zoo
March 27-30 FS School IV, Columbia
April 11 Finance Committee Meeting, Columbia
April 20-22 GCSC Convention, Myrtle Beach
May 4 NAJCSC Meeting, Columbia
May 2-5 NGC Convention, West Virginia
May 15 Deadline  Summer Gardener
June 4-10 National Garden Week