Community Projects

Backyard Habitat

The Avid Gardeners strive to enlist as many participants as we can to encourage birds, butterflies and dragonflies in our yards. We also promote native and natural in our yards and neighborhoods. Bluebird houses and butterfly host plants abound.

Beautification Task Force

Members of the Avid Gardeners advise maintenance services on planting recommendations for roadways, gardens and parks in our neighborhood and island.


Monthly communications go out to our members on conservation issues in our community, from saving water to reducing water pollution. Our members stay up on legislation and events concerning our coastal environment. We also survey our membership with the Going Green Survey each year, then  plan programs to assist.

Elementary School Gardening

The Avid Gardeners help to design, plant, maintain, fund and teach gardening in the National Award winning Korosi Vegetable & Herb Educational Garden and Butterfly Garden at the School for the Creative Arts. The classes hatch butterflies and release them in the garden each spring while Avid Gardeners and other guests attend the ceremonies. Junior Gardeners learn to grow, harvest and eat the vegetables they grow; maintain ‘Good to Grow’ journals; go on educational field trips to other gardens; and, participate in community gardening projects.

Christmas Decorations

The Avid Gardeners decorate Hilton Head Plantation neighborhood signs and a large pine tree as well as decorating the Memory Matters Alzheimer’s Daycare Center for the holidays.   The project starts by holding multiple workshops to organize sign kits and wreaths.  This is followed by plantation decorating days Nov 18 to Nov 23 and community tree decorating.  The lights are all turned on around Dec 1. We remove the decorations Jan 2 to Jan 7. It takes the help of all members helping in one way or another to make this enormous project a beautiful success.

Horticultural Notes

Each month in our newsletter, TAG Talk, and at pertinent times in between, emails are sent out to the membership about gardening on our beautiful island. Many of our members are transplants who are unfamiliar with gardening in our microclimate. Horticulture hints provide entertaining anecdotes and interesting ideas for our flower, vegetable and landscape gardens.

Plant It Pink

The Avid Gardeners have developed a project in partnership with Susan G Koman for the Cure at the Hilton Head Hospital to plant a pink ribbon-shaped garden of pink pots with pink plants. Many members have painted pots, designed the garden and are maintaining the plants over the years. The garden serves as a constant reminder of the need to promote breast cancer awareness and represents hope for those who undergo treatment at the hospital.

Reflection Garden

The Avid Gardeners have developed another beautiful garden in our Hilton Head Plantation neighborhood. This garden skirts a local pond full of wildlife in a prominent location. Benches for contemplation have been donated by a member and sections of the garden have been planted in memory of another.

The Avid Gardeners Website

The Avid Gardeners website is updated  continuously with new members, program changes and photos. All information about our club is included along with a direct contact connection.

TAG Talk

Editors create an informative club newsletter called “TAG Talk” which is emailed to members prior to our monthly meeting. Articles include club and local activities of interest, horticulture and conservation issues, and a column on wildlife/birds. Each edition focuses on the season and interests of our membership. The newsletter is sent out to club members electronically so we are not limited by printing costs. All can view the pictures and share information. Links to various websites are included.  After publication all issues are posted on this website.

Local Newspaper and Plantation Newsletter Article

Each month one of our members writes a column of gardening advice which appears in our neighborhood newsletter, “Plantation Living Magazine,” which also includes meeting announcements and an open invitation to attend our meetings.