A Federated Club Since March 4, 1987



Our Theme for 2023-2025 is:
” Hands in the Dirt, Heads in the sun, and our Hearts with nature”

          The Avid Gardeners is a nationally federated garden club, open to all residents of Hilton Head Plantation, that has been serving our community for 34 years. During those years, despite occasional challenges, our membership has enjoyed establishing and maintaining many projects to be proud of, both locally within Hilton Head Plantation and also on the beautiful island we call home.

          Some of those projects include: the Plant It Pink Garden at Hilton Head Hospital, The Korosi Children’s Vegetable and Herb Garden at the local elementary school, The Reflective Garden within Hilton Head Plantation, and many more. Each year for the winter holidays, we decorate our 70 neighborhood signs with lights and garlands. And on the 4th of July we participate in Hilton Head Plantation’s celebration by selling cookies!  In short, we enjoy being active, vital participants within our community

          TAG’s members include a group with a broad range of talents and interests. One needn’t be an active gardener to enjoy membership.  As I was told when I first became a member ten years ago, “some have dirty fingernails, and some wear white gloves”.

          Our meetings occur 8 months of the year, from September through June, usually on the third Friday of the month. Sometimes we enjoy hearing from a guest speaker on a broad range of topics, from Horticulture to Floral Arrangements to local wildlife. Other times we venture out on field trips to related areas of interest, such as botanical gardens, special interest nurseries, museums or members’ very special gardens.     

          A monthly newsletter, TAG Talk, informs us of upcoming activities and meetings and includes educational articles written by some of our members. And our Mentor Program helps to welcome and nurture newer members.

          We look forward this year with happy anticipation to getting our “Hands in the Dirt, Heads in the sun, and our Hearts with nature.”  Join us!!

Carol Sevelowitz, President 2023-2025




The Avid Gardeners meet at 9:30 am on the third Friday of each month at the Spring Lake Pavilion, Hilton Head Plantation unless otherwise listed in the programs. (No meetings in July, August, and December)

Club Objectives

  • To Create the Love of Gardens and Flowers
  • To Promote Beauty In Our Community and Roadsides
  • To Conserve Natural Resources

Club Affiliations


Dues $35 in January
54 Active Members
5 Honorary Members


We welcome your comments or questions. Contact us at   TheAvidGardeners@gmail.com